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Necronomicon Book Palette

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Thirty luscious vegan eyeshadow colors that apply smooth as butter and blend like a dream. Patent Pending on book design that opens up like a real book with 3 Pages of shadows. 10 colors on each page! It's like having 3 palettes in one. 
The idea for the Necronomicon, as well as its fictional author, came to it's creator, H.P. Lovecraft, in a dream. As Lovecraft translates it, the Necronomicon means 'An Image [or Picture] of the Law of the Dead’ however, a better etymology would be 'A Book Classifying the Dead.’
Lovecraft only ever hints at the book, making the first reference to it in his short story 'The Hound' in 1924. In true Lovecraftian style, the Necronomicon appears in story after story, a whispered horror.'The events surrounding the Necronomicon take place behind closed doors, in sporadic fragments, with only our imagination fuelling our fears.
The true power of the Necronomicon lies within the mystery of the book itself. Lovecraft never wrote a copy, saying that not only did he not have the ability to write such a book, but also:
'-one can never produce anything even a tenth as terrible and impressive as one can awesomely hint about. If anyone were to try to write the Necronomicon, it would disappoint all those who have shuddered at cryptic references to it.'