Winchester House Crystal Ball Palette

Winchester House Crystal Ball Palette

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Officially Licensed by Winchester Mystery House

WHAT IT IS: Luscious vegan eyeshadow colors inspired by the seance room at Winchester Mystery House and the ghost stories surrounding Sarah Winchester during and after her life.4 Colors in multiple finishes. Shadows apply smooth as butter and blend like a dream. The Winchester Dripping House Palette features vibrant and bright colors in matte finishes. Made from natural minerals, it’s great for sensitive skin.

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: The Winchester Crystal Palette features vibrant and bright colors in a 3 finishes, Matte, Shimmer & Satin. Made from natural minerals, it’s great for sensitive skin. Customers can use the bold, accent and highlighter colors and feel magickal while wearing them. What many consider to be the heart of the mansion, the séance room was once the very private and off-limits room to everyone but Sarah Winchester herself. Legends say that nearby residents heard the bell tower (located outside of the séance room) at midnight and again at 2am. Was this to summon and release spirits to communicate with them? There is one entrance to this room, and three exits. One exit is through the entrance door, another leads to an 8-foot drop into the kitchen below, and the final is a one-way door that resembles a secret passageway. These 4 entrances are why this palette has 4 shades. You’ll have to visit the house for yourself what lies on the other side.

HOW TO USE: These versatile shades may be used as eyeshadow, highlighter or liner, applied wet or dry. Apply shades using fingers or brush applicator. Layer glitter or shimmer shades as a final step to complete any eye-catching look.




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